Shower Fitting Middleton – Tel 07510698417 Greater Manchester

Shower Fitting Middleton Greater Manchester

Middleton Shower Fitting

Shower Fitting Middleton. Speak to Harold now T 07510698417 for friendly advice.

shower fitting Middleton Greater Manchester

shower fitting Middleton Greater Manchester

We appreciate that life without your shower can be very inconvenient. If your shower breaks down or you want a new shower installing, you usually want it done quickly.

” shower fitting Greater Manchester “

Feel sure that’s where we can help at shower fitting Middleton. Speed of service is one of our outstanding service points whenever you need work doing that relates to your shower.

  • Middleton’s premier and most reasonably priced shower fitting service.
  • Established over 20 years as a shower fitting and shower installation business.
  • We have successfully installed 100’s of showers
  • Have a long list of satisfied customers stretching back over many years.

What You Can Expect From Our Middleton Shower Fitting Service

  • Free Estimates
  • Professional, courteous and friendly service
  • Minimum mess and disruption
  • All work tested on site after completion – flow test ” pressure tested
  • Guaranteed to turn up to booked appointments
  • All work full guaranteed

shower fitting middleton Greater Manchester

call shower fitting middleton T 07510698417

call shower fitting middleton T 07510698417

Tel 07510698417

Shower Fitting – Shower Installation – Shower Repair

We provide all professional services to do with electric showers / elec showers

  • fitting
  • installation
  • repair

Electric Show Repair Middleton Greater Manchester

Sometimes your existing shower may have fault that is easily repairable. We are experienced in servicing and repairing all makes of showers and if it’s repairable, we can fix it for you at shower fitting middleton Greater Manchester

electric shower repair Middleton Greater Manchester

Electric shower repair Middleton

Our services include fixing or replacing the following

  • shower fixtures
  • shower hoses
  • shower heads
  • shower fittings
  • and any additional serviceable shower unit parts.

New Showers Supplied And Fitted

We can supply and fit all types of new electric showers. You can get great savings for a limited time while our current special offer is running.

Example ” Our very popular 9.5w shower with jet spray power head – fully fitted. 5 year guarantee £140.

Cheapest Electric Shower Middleton

Cheapest Electric Shower Middleton


Includes – thermostatic control, moneysaving features, sprayhead, wall mounted, nice finish, all essential controls, easy to operate.

Enquire Now – Tel 07510698417

         shower fitting middleton are here to help you.

Simply call Harold now 07510698417 … For further advice.

call shower installation Manchester T07510698417Call Shower Fitters 07510698417

Alternatively please complete the enquiry form and we will reply as soon as possible.
Area’s Covered Middleton And Greater Manchester

We install and are currently fitting showers across the whole of the Middleton and Greater Manchester area.

Our shower installer is more than happy to fit your new shower or assess a repair of your existing shower, at a day and time that is convenient to you.
Call Shower Fitting MIDDLETON right now today for your FREE estimate.


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